Press The Limit Fitness opens at Whitney Center

Press The Limit Fitness (“PTL”) within the Whitney Town Center development located at 650 Whitney Road in Fairport, NY. The customized gym/fitness center space features an open-concept training space and batting cage with a mixture of rubber flooring and turf throughout. Additional restrooms, office and ADA drinking fountains were also added. An ideal space for elite athletes dedicated to take training to the next level, or adult fitness individual or group training.

About Press The Limit Fitness (PTL)
We are a husband and wife run business and are SO passionate about helping others get going on their fitness journey, enjoy the process and crush their goals. PTL started as Caroline’s online business when she saw the need to share quick and effective workouts. She became the “EMOM Queen” by creating workouts that were short (45 minutes or less) and used a combination of strength training and cardio/interval training to hit on lean muscle building goals while also doing workouts that fit most people’s busy schedules. Keith, founder of Athletic Prospects Performance, opened the doors to the gym in 2020 for student-athletes. As a former collegiate baseball player and highly competitive high school player from Astoria, Queens, he knew the importance of a consistent and strategic strength and conditioning routine. His goal was to support athletes in reaching their sport specific goals, support the college recruiting process and mentor athletes as they work towards the elite level. We decided to combine forces in 2022, as Press The Limit Fitness, as a way to support both athletes and adults all under one roof. The workouts and goals may look different, but our expectation remains the same — push past your limit, work through the extra rep, keep going when your mind tells you to stop and do not give up.

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